These Guys have Built a Camera out of Hemp

The clever chaps behind the eco-friendly film canister ‘Do You Wood Film’ have been hard at work creating a new product called the PHC Pinhole Canapa, an eco friendly camera to complement their previous efforts.


Designed to not pollute the environment the working model will be fully unveiled in a Kickstarter campaign by the 15th August. Designed by film-lovers Mimo & Gino the camera has been formed using ‘canapa’ (translation: hemp) material and prides itself on being eco-friendly.

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The team have been working hard testing the newest film camera to hit the market since June and have been sharing their progress on their Tumblr blog. The quick turnaround is compelling when you consider the specifications and advantages Pinhole Canapa:

  • 3 x Focal lengths (35mm, 50mm, 85mm)
  • 2 x Formats, normal and square (24×36-24×24)
  • 2 x Stenopeic hole (0,2mm-0,3mm)

There is also a very cutely designed magnet shutter that supposedly reduces shutter shake, Add to this an unusual design function that manages to turn a 36 exposure role into 56 when the camera is rotated on its side.




Campaign models will be available mid-month for 100 Euros with subsequent manufacturing prices rising to €135. A small price to pay for keeping the environment clean?

We reached out to the team at Compagnia-Canapa who offered us several test images from their camera. It appears to work incredibly well, considering. The colour images are surprisingly crisp and true showing the light proof design benefits from the thick hemp material.


All images used with explicit permission from the manufacturers. If you would like to preorder a hemp camera, campaign models will be available on Kickstarter from the 15th August for 100 Euros.


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