Review: The New Fuji Instax Mini 70 has landed

Love Instax? Well you’re going to want to see this review by the Fuji Guys who cover the new Fuji Instax Mini 70 camera and its modern look!

The camera is debuted as a step up camera from the Mini 8 and has a more mature, streamlined look, overall being more solid and professional looking. It still keeps the original look and shape of the brand we’ve come to know and love.

One of the main difference with this camera is it has an automatic exposure meter which operates between half a second to 1/400th. The flash, unlike the Mini 8 doesn’t always fire. You can override this setting though and force the flash.

On the front a selfie mirror has been permanently installed to help when framing self portraits, a ‘selfie’ button on the back which adjusts the focus distance to a more useable 60cm, or arm’s length.

They’re not on sale yet, but we’re sure the popular brand will be adopted quickly. Long live Fuji Instax!

Incredible Slide Photo Discovery from 1953 Shows the Wet, Neon-lit Streets of Chicago

When I was very young I asked my Grandma what the world was like when everything was black & white. To a six year old boy, who’d only ever seen references to the past in monochrome on TV or in pictures, it seemed entirely plausible that one day the colour was just turned on. Of course after a little chuckle and explanation Grandma put me straight and told me there was always lots of colour in the world, we just didn’t see that in photos.

This incredible slide from 1953 proves Grandma was right.


Discovered by Adam Paul who runs the  Continue reading

Send Photos of your *ahem* Feet to the Moon.

In perhaps one of the most bizarre social experiments we’ve ever seen, Lunar Mission One has just put out a call to humanity for photographs of peoples feet which they can put on a hard drive, install on a Spaceship and send to the Moon in 2017.

This is not a joke.

My Daughters Space Wellies are off to the Moon
My Daughters Space Wellies are off to the Moon

The idea seems to genuinely come from a good place Continue reading

A Pink Flamingo Explores The Oregon Trail

Documentary photographer Jack Latham is just about to release his first book ‘A Pink Flamingo‘, a beautifully documented photographic journey taken along the Oregon Trail.

Union, Nebraska at sunset. All images © Jack Latham/INSTITUTE
Union, Nebraska at sunset. All images © Jack Latham/INSTITUTE

The book takes its name from the fabulously kitsch Continue reading

The Epic Lunar Eclipse Photo that Didn’t Happen.

Did you see the Lunar eclipse last night? Did you photograph it? I didn’t…

I decided to chance it and took a drive out to St Mary’s Loch about an hour North of me. The water had been like a mirror earlier in the day and the skies were clear in Hawick. The first spot I tried was perfect. Stones had fallen in place for me, the sky had just a light smattering of mist which produce a 22 degree halo around the Moon. Everything was right, I had stars in my eyes. This was gonna be a goddamn award winner. I just wanted that white glow to turn red and illuminate the scene like a hell. What happened was worse. A deep fog rolled in and eventually extinguished all I could see of the Devil’s lightbulb. I left with nothing. I’ll have to remember this photo as the one that got away.


Here’s the photographs that tell that short story. Continue reading

Watch a Photographer Unveil Stunning Gumoil Portrait on Video

We’re always keen to share alternative photography processes here on PhoGoTraphy and when we saw this lovely video by Anna Ostanina we thought it would make perfect Sunday viewing!

We spoke with Anna about the Continue reading

An American Horror Story – Client Renegues on Photographer’s Contract

No stranger to controversy, we caught up with acclaimed photographer and friend of Phogotraphy, Mariel Clayton to discuss the importance of getting buyers of your work to enter into contractual agreements before putting in the leg work out of good faith. Mariel agreed to pen her thoughts for us so our readers would not make the same mistake.
NB. We have decided to include Mariel’s client names in this article despite the author not publishing them initially. ‘East Coast clients’ refers to Paper Magazine and ‘West coast clients’ refers to FX (American Horror Story.)

My name is Mariel Clayton, and I dismember, pose, and photograph dolls in dioramas… and people seem to enjoy that.
Mariel Clayton1
Consumption | Mariel Clayton

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Italy’s First Female Astronaut Shares her Journey through Photographs with Flickr

Italy’s first female astronaut is a moniker that Samantha Cristoforetti can wear with pride for all eternity but if it’s proof pics you need, we’ve got you covered. While Samantha was onboard the Space station during her 200 day stint, incidentally the longest ever flight for a female astronaut, her camera was a constant companion.

One last peak before bedtime.

Samantha was selected to be an astronaut for the European Space Agency in 2009, a childhood dream, and over the past six years, she has posted thousands of images to her Flickr page much like one of her Continue reading

These “Truth” Behind India Instagram Photos are Terrible.

In an attempt to start a national discussion around one advertising agency’s bid at boosting tourism to India, Limitless has put together a series of images that supposedly tell the truth behind serene looking colourful Instagram images of the country.

It doesn’t work.


Despite being lauded by Buzzfeed, Design Taxi & Laughing Squid among others, at Phogotraphy are left unphased at the author’s attempt of juxtaposition. The ‘truth’ being revealed beyond the boundaries of the square crop Instagram frame is more of a lie Continue reading

Leibovitz Drops Models in Favour of Strong, Independent Women for Pirelli 2016 Calendar

The fashion world went nuts earlier this week when it was announced that Annie Leibovitz, this year’s headlining photographer for the illustrious Pirelli Calendar made the decision to drop the models. Calling on old friends like Yoko Ono and new found celebs the subtle curves and focus on the female form which the calendar is known for has been ditched… for talent.

Featuring a mostly clothed 12+ females set to an intentionally Continue reading