Caught!? $40,000 worth of camera gear Recovered in Rio Olympic Park.

  • Brett Costello spots man wearing his stolen vest & equipment entering Olympic park.
  • Police apprehend and arrest male who is escorted away.
  • Male says he “bought the jacket and gear on the street outside”
  • Theft shows how easy it is to trespass at Rio Olympic park

During the run up to the Rio Olympics one professional photographer’s story hit the headlines when $40,000 worth of camera equipment was stolen from him in just 10 seconds. Today we can confirm that victim Brett Costello has recovered his lost items and a male suspect has been apprehended.


Tresspasser is apprehended by Brazilian officials. image: Yahoo Sports

In an unusual twist it appears from the video footage we’ve seen acquired by Yahoo Sports and the Australian Daily Telegraph shows what we’re witnessing Continue reading

German Citizens now Required to Delete Nude Photographs of Ex-lovers.

Consent can be withdrawn. That is the founding principle of a ruling made by Germany’s top court in relation to intimate photographs taken between couples that have gone their separate ways, DW reports.

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 21.01.04.png

The ruling, published on Monday 22nd December 2015 by The Bundesgerichtshof (BGH) was brought forth by a female plaintiff who had been photographed naked both before and after sexual Continue reading

Can you be Arrested Under Prevention of Terrorism Act for NOT Taking a Photo?

Sometimes it feels like photographers are fighting an uphill battle against law enforcement. The irony in a member of the police requesting the public to stop taking photographs always baffles me. It’s akin to withholding evidence isn’t it? (Delete the picture and the evidence that was the picture is now gone.) Anyway, case in hand, a grumpy cyclist met a naive pseudo policeman and an argument happened.

Perhaps the tenuity of this particular non-story is the most interesting aspect. In this instance we have three mitigating factors. A cyclist as a passenger in a car, a police vehicle being driven by a citizen or PCSO (UK’s answer to a community police force with no real power) and a photograph that was never actually taken. Continue reading

Is the Photography World Hiding a Dark Secret?

Sexism flourishes still today in all walks of life. If women aren’t treated as second class citizens you can be sure they’re still held in contempt. Colin Pantall, author, photographer and lecturer at University of South Wales believes that the photography world is no exception. Recently he wrote an article on his blog exploring the harassment some female photographers face in the workplace when trying to ‘make it big’. Phogotraphy reached out to Pantall and asked how we could help lift the lid on what he dubs the ‘curator’s casting couch.’ What follows is his response.

I’m rather naive, so what I thought might be a relatively isolated problem is far more widespread than I imagined – a statement which will leave half the readers of this blog snorting in derision. But everybody who got in touch told me this is exactly what large numbers of young women photographers talk about when they get together. At Arles, at Paris Photo, at Unseen, at Houston and so on.


One woman mentioned her experience of the curator’s casting couch, something that doesn’t feature in any professional development how-to-get-a-show features that you periodically Continue reading

Argentinian Politicians Want to Increase Copyright on Photographs to 100 years

A filmmaker, turned national deputy for the city of Buenos Aires in Argentina has just past a draft bill that could see a photograph’s copyright increased from 20 years after its first publication to 70 years after the photographer’s death. The bill, if brought into law would be applied retroactively and have wide ranging implications for creatives and consumers alike.

Liliana Mazure

Lilliana Mazure (pictured) pushed Continue reading

Does Clicking the Shutter Automatically Make You the Owner of the Photograph?

We’ve seen the ‘Selfie Monkey’ hitting the headlines again this last few days, with Peta filing a lawsuit for copyright ownership claim on behalf of the monkey Naruto and sites like Wikipedia using the image freely because a non-human cannot claim copyright. Now the photographer David Slater has hit back with claims that after three days of earning the trust of the monkeys to set up the shot, he set up the composition and ensured all settings on the camera were correct, making him the artist and giving him claim to the copyright as his own artwork.

'Selfie Monkey'
‘Selfie Monkey’ taken with David Slater’s camera equipment.

So has there been any previous precedence for this? Does the act of setting up the shot give you image ownership or Continue reading

An American Horror Story – Client Renegues on Photographer’s Contract

No stranger to controversy, we caught up with acclaimed photographer and friend of Phogotraphy, Mariel Clayton to discuss the importance of getting buyers of your work to enter into contractual agreements before putting in the leg work out of good faith. Mariel agreed to pen her thoughts for us so our readers would not make the same mistake.
NB. We have decided to include Mariel’s client names in this article despite the author not publishing them initially. ‘East Coast clients’ refers to Paper Magazine and ‘West coast clients’ refers to FX (American Horror Story.)

My name is Mariel Clayton, and I dismember, pose, and photograph dolls in dioramas… and people seem to enjoy that.
Mariel Clayton1
Consumption | Mariel Clayton

Continue reading

Can a Photograph Bring Down a Government?

Earlier this morning news broke concerning allegations that the Prime minister of the United Kingdom had performed an egregious act on a dead animal during an initiation into the infamous Bullingdon Club. The story was revealed in a a new book Call me Dave: The Unauthorised Biography which backs up its statements saying a source close to the MP has seen photographic evidence of the lewd act. We ask, can a photograph bring down a government?

Black Mirror National Anthem
A Scene from Charlie Brooker’s Black Mirror (2011)

Despite the hashtag #Piggate only being a few hours old Twittersphere has erupted with joy at the story and filled news feeds with dozens of photographs of David Cameron Continue reading

The Dangers of Snapchat. 14 Year Old Cautioned for Sexual Offence After Sending a Single Snap.

A 14 year old boy referred to only as ‘Simon’ from the UK has landed himself on a sexual offender police database after sending a single nude Snapchat to a girl of the same age he was ‘flirting with.’ The BBC News reported the story yesterday after his mother, Margaret went on record to say something had to change as her son could now be refused work later in life because of the UK’s strict child protection laws.

Bad Snapchat

Included in the news report is the manner in which the lewd image Continue reading

Virginia Police Officers Demand BBC Reporter “Delete Evidence”

During yesterday’s appalling incident in Virginia, one police officer attending the scene of Vester Flanagan’s detainment ordered a BBC reporter to delete footage he had taken or have their car and camera confiscated.

Franz Tweet

Franz Strasser who is employed by BBC News US alleged that a single police officer gave him the ultimatum while they were covering the story. Unusually as he points out in his Tweets the choice he was given was to delete the evidence or have it confiscated.

Strasser shared the experience via his Twitter account. Continue reading