Santander Bank Advert Suggests Buying a Film Camera

One of the world’s largest banks has released an advert for a checking account suggesting to buy rolls of film with any savings made when signing up. We’re totally ok with that.

Spotted in the wild by #BelieveinFilm photographer KristenWithACamera the commercial by Santander Bank in the UK appears on the side of a Continue reading

Those Who Steal Photos Should be Stung by a Thousand Bees

In a rare break of persona, the satirical photographer Missy Mwac has launched a scathing attack on a popular Facebook page that stole an image and allegedly removed her name as credit. A photo of her as a child in the arms of her doting father.

“That’s not sharing, it’s called stealing”

The picture posted earlier this year is a grainy black and white vernacular snap from the author’s yesteryear entitled with the caption “If you don’t think photos are important, wait until they are all you have left.”  The message is especially poignant for Missy who lost her father early in life and helps carry weight to her ongoing cause of getting people to print more photos.

Missy, real name Lynn Cartia first found out about the posting made by ‘Smart Assy‘ this morning when one of her followers informed her of the social media faux-pas. In the video Continue reading

National Park Service & the ‘Ansel Adams’ Job. Was Film Killed off too Early?

On Tuesday we published an article describing a lucrative photography position available at the US National Park Service with the tag line Skills Required: Large Format Photography. Garnering significant interest from the analog community and poking the never ending coals of the film vs digital debate the post went viral through re-blogs, retellings of the story and different spins to receive worldwide attention. The term “Ansel Adams” an inevitable connection to be made began trending on Twitter and continues to do as of writing this article.

Jack Boucher, former HABS (c) Photographer.

The story essentially highlighted exciting proof that film was not dead – despite the phrase having being uttered in both positive and negative forms for the past three decades. This, coupled with Continue reading

National Park Service $100,000 Job Opening. Skills Required: Large Format Photography

Today we take aim at the non-believers, the naive, the pixel-packing pervs, the consumer-driven suckers, the wasteful, the know nothing but digital society and tell them one of the most lucrative jobs on offer for a photographer in the US…

…has a requirement to shoot large format film.



The position listed on USAJobs by the Department of the Interior National Park Service is open for applications from US residents who meet the strict criteria until December the 15th. The expertise required is certainly recognised as they are offering up to a staggering Continue reading

Poundland Discontinue AGFA Vista 35mm Film

Terrible news for UK based film photographers today. The high street chain Poundland have confirmed they are no longer stocking their cheap AGFA Vista branded out of the box 35mm colour film.


The devastating news was discovered by 22 year old Scandar Silva-Payne of Bristol, UK who heard a rumour via a friend who also buys the cheap £1 a roll film so he took to Twitter to ask the firm directly. Continue reading

We Awkwardly Asked The Oatmeal for Permission to Republish their Latest Comic.

On Friday morning I found myself entering into a paradoxical situation with Matthew Inman, owner and creator of The Oatmeal comic. His latest publication expressed a feeling felt more and more by content creators, especially photographers that we had to share it here – so I asked him for permission directly.

Would it be OK if I shared your ‘exposure’ comic on Phogotraphy as I feel it will resonate well with our followers. I cannot offer payment, but I promise to link back to your original content and credit where necessary.

I essentially offered The Oatmeal payment in exposure for a comic which discussed that exact issue.

I’m a douche. Here it is.


Matthew didn’t reply directly to my request, he did however (I naively believe the public comment was directed straight towards buffoons such as myself) create a later post with a ‘shareable’ image. He also promised in the comment section to send everyone an invoice and do unthinkable things to our Facebook pages – It’s not something we’ll be repeating here.

Via The Oatmeal… of course.

Is the Photography World Hiding a Dark Secret?

Sexism flourishes still today in all walks of life. If women aren’t treated as second class citizens you can be sure they’re still held in contempt. Colin Pantall, author, photographer and lecturer at University of South Wales believes that the photography world is no exception. Recently he wrote an article on his blog exploring the harassment some female photographers face in the workplace when trying to ‘make it big’. Phogotraphy reached out to Pantall and asked how we could help lift the lid on what he dubs the ‘curator’s casting couch.’ What follows is his response.

I’m rather naive, so what I thought might be a relatively isolated problem is far more widespread than I imagined – a statement which will leave half the readers of this blog snorting in derision. But everybody who got in touch told me this is exactly what large numbers of young women photographers talk about when they get together. At Arles, at Paris Photo, at Unseen, at Houston and so on.


One woman mentioned her experience of the curator’s casting couch, something that doesn’t feature in any professional development how-to-get-a-show features that you periodically Continue reading

How Microsoft made the Windows 10 Desktop Photograph

Bliss is widely accepted to be the most ubiquitous photograph to have ever graced our computer screens, simply because it was the flagship desktop wall paper that came with Windows XP. The image itself was a wonderfully evocative scene that inspired many interpretations, parodies and is still discussed academically today. One of the most common misconceptions is that it was CGI, or at best a very heavily edited photograph, however as the man who took the snapshot, Chuck O’Rear explained, it was little more than a medium format frame of some vineyards on film that Bill Gates bought the full rights to.

For Windows 10, we’re treated to this:


A highly stylised, light show that looks like a scene straight out of Tron Legacy. It’s a sanitised, far too perfect, completely constructed image that is as far away from Bliss as you can get. Despite still championing a photographer to produce the piece, the web is less than impressed. Continue reading

A Photographer’s Open Response to Taylor Swift’s Rant Against Apple.

Dear Taylor Swift, I have read your open letter to Apple where you give your reasons for refusing to allow your album ‘1989′ to be included on their forthcoming Apple Music streaming service. (For reference: Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 15.50.42 I applaud it. It’s great to have someone with a huge following standing up for the rights of creative people and making a stand against the corporate behemoths who have so much power they Continue reading