Instantly Iconic Photograph Emerges from Russian Ambassador Assassination.

Moment ago news broke of an assassination that took place in Turkey of a Russian ambassador. Several photographs, and one in particular have quickly made the social media rounds.

Instantly, iconic.


The assassin’s John Travolta stance is frozen by the photographer’s Continue reading

Photographer Protected by Police Officer during Dallas Protest Shootings

As gun shots rang out across the city of Dallas protesters and police took cover. Some quickly used their phones and cameras to capture the scenes and spread awareness on social media. One photographer got caught in the cross fire and found himself taking shelter under the brave protection of a Dallas city police officer.
Police Officer James Dylan Smith protects photographer Robert Moore during the Dallas march shootings.
Photographer Robert Moore was documenting the Dallas protest rally on Thursday night when he decided to find a different position to get his photographs from. Moore headed towards the corner of Lamar and Continue reading

National Park Service & the ‘Ansel Adams’ Job. Was Film Killed off too Early?

On Tuesday we published an article describing a lucrative photography position available at the US National Park Service with the tag line Skills Required: Large Format Photography. Garnering significant interest from the analog community and poking the never ending coals of the film vs digital debate the post went viral through re-blogs, retellings of the story and different spins to receive worldwide attention. The term “Ansel Adams” an inevitable connection to be made began trending on Twitter and continues to do as of writing this article.

Jack Boucher, former HABS (c) Photographer.

The story essentially highlighted exciting proof that film was not dead – despite the phrase having being uttered in both positive and negative forms for the past three decades. This, coupled with Continue reading

National Park Service $100,000 Job Opening. Skills Required: Large Format Photography

Today we take aim at the non-believers, the naive, the pixel-packing pervs, the consumer-driven suckers, the wasteful, the know nothing but digital society and tell them one of the most lucrative jobs on offer for a photographer in the US…

…has a requirement to shoot large format film.



The position listed on USAJobs by the Department of the Interior National Park Service is open for applications from US residents who meet the strict criteria until December the 15th. The expertise required is certainly recognised as they are offering up to a staggering Continue reading

Photographer, 80, Says Digital Photography is a Lying Experience

It’s a thought often provoked by contemporary photographers creating surreal images with their new found technology. The absolute speed and ease manipulation can be obtained on a colour digital photograph is frightening nowadays and more and more agencies are beginning to notice and put up safeguards to protect against, for want of a better word, lying.

So when veteran war photographer, Don McCullin, nigh on superstar of the photography world speaks up and proclaims the digital domination of photography is “a totally lying experience” you have to stop and take note.

Credit: Paul Thompson / National Media Musem

In conversation with Isaac Julien at the art fair Photo London, the Guardian reports McCullin discussed a wide range of topics with regards to photography including his own problems Continue reading

Refugees in Germany give Refreshing Response when Describing Typical Cliche Photographs.

A photographic cliche can be any image that we’re used to seeing and can interpret easily. At Phogotraphy we’ve previously covered thoughts about ‘Standing in Front of a Fridge‘ day which is an image parents and children are all too familiar with. But how do these cultural visual image cliches interpret to other cultures?

German newspaper Die Ziet recently conducted an unusual experiment by asking refugees to describe scenes from what would be a typical German cliche photograph. The answers they gave were not only eyeopening offering some clarity, the felt refreshing in their interpretation.

Below are three photographs from the experiment and a selection of answers given by refugees of two weeks or more from countries such as Syria and Afghanistan. Please note that answers have been translated from the native tongue to German, to English.

Picture 1: The infamous Berlin Wall Memorial
Cyclists at the Berlin Wall Memorial in Bernauer Strasse © dpa

“Here are two people ride on the bike. On a road. Otherwise I can not see anything there.”  – John C., 20, from Eritrea, for two weeks in Germany Continue reading

A Pink Flamingo Explores The Oregon Trail

Documentary photographer Jack Latham is just about to release his first book ‘A Pink Flamingo‘, a beautifully documented photographic journey taken along the Oregon Trail.

Union, Nebraska at sunset. All images © Jack Latham/INSTITUTE
Union, Nebraska at sunset. All images © Jack Latham/INSTITUTE

The book takes its name from the fabulously kitsch Continue reading

‘Life’ Official Trailer Released and it’s Packed Full of Cameras

The official trailer for the upcoming movie ‘Life’ starring Robert Pattinson and Dane DeHaan has been released and promises to be packed full of photography fun:

Robert Pattinson and Dane DeHaan starring in 'Life'
Robert Pattinson and Dane DeHaan starring in the movie ‘Life’

Directed by Anton Corbijn, ‘Life’ is based on the true story of Magnum photographer Dennis Stock (Pattinson) and his friendship with Hollywood actor Continue reading

The Dark Side of Photography: When Getting the ‘Best’ Shot is Just Plain Wrong

I firmly believe that photography is a powerful force for good in this world.

As reportage, it opens our eyes to tragedies we might otherwise ignore; as landscape or wildlife photography, it reveals a beauty we too often take for granted, and encourages us to treat the planet with the respect it demands; as portraiture, it reminds us that each person has uncharted and unfathomable depths to their humanity that we may never truly understand.

But there is a line. Cross it, and the art of photography is twisted into something that does harm—into vandalism, and animal cruelty, and doing outright harm to the environment in the name of a pretty picture.

This post is about the dark side of photography.

Three Stories


Abusing Your Subject

Jimmy McIntyre recently captured a photo he’s been dreaming of for years. In China, standing waist deep in the Li river, he finally shot a portrait of the famed cormorant fishermen.

But the experience came at a cost. Continue reading

“Name your Price” No, says Photographer to Agency Preparing to use Corbyn Photograph out of Context

How would you fare if a news publication offered you to “name your price” for a photograph from your archive that you knew was likely to be taken out of context? That’s exactly the conundrum photographer Samuel Hardy was faced with last Saturday when approached about a photograph he’d taken of Jeremy Corbyn at a pro-Palestine march in 2012.

© 2015, Sam Hardy All Rights Reserved
© 2015, Sam Hardy All Rights Reserved

For those that haven’t been following recent events in the UK, left wing veteran Continue reading