Refugees in Germany give Refreshing Response when Describing Typical Cliche Photographs.

A photographic cliche can be any image that we’re used to seeing and can interpret easily. At Phogotraphy we’ve previously covered thoughts about ‘Standing in Front of a Fridge‘ day which is an image parents and children are all too familiar with. But how do these cultural visual image cliches interpret to other cultures?

German newspaper Die Ziet recently conducted an unusual experiment by asking refugees to describe scenes from what would be a typical German cliche photograph. The answers they gave were not only eyeopening offering some clarity, the felt refreshing in their interpretation.

Below are three photographs from the experiment and a selection of answers given by refugees of two weeks or more from countries such as Syria and Afghanistan. Please note that answers have been translated from the native tongue to German, to English.

Picture 1: The infamous Berlin Wall Memorial
Cyclists at the Berlin Wall Memorial in Bernauer Strasse © dpa

“Here are two people ride on the bike. On a road. Otherwise I can not see anything there.”  – John C., 20, from Eritrea, for two weeks in Germany Continue reading