Even Apple Users will Love this Brilliant and Creative Google Photos Ad.

Apple iPhone users it is time to rejoice. In all these years, the efforts by Google et al to poo-poo the Apple iPhone as a tool of the sheeple has proved nothing. However with this latest ad that mocks those poor souls who opted for the 16Gb handsets things might just have to change.

You’ll enjoy this:

Apart from the bane of Windows and Mac users’ existence that is iTunes, the most common gripe iPhone owners have is the pathetic excuse for storage on 16Gb models. As a heavy camera user myself that made the unforgiving mistake of choosing this option all the way up to the iPhone 6 I truly know how this feels.

It’s a great ad, not just for the sheer production value a Queen title track adds to it, but that Google are finally focussing on a weakness. Other efforts that suggest all Apple users are all the same and uncreative just didn’t fly with the community and pandered to the still-dress-like-Neo-from-the-Matrix crowd who were already loyal.

Let’s hope Apple take note and once and for all end the 16Gb iPhone in their September announcement.

HT The Verge


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