There’s a Petition to get Fuji to produce B&W Instax film

Now here’s an interesting idea. A film photographer has started a petition on to persuade the makers of Fuji Instax to begin making black and white versions of the popular instant film.


Started by German photographer Darko Saric, the petition has already attracted a not-too-shabby 242 signatories and is expected to continue gaining support. There’s no word as to when Saric will present Fuji with the petition yet.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 15.05.31

Commentators are eager to see production of the as yet mythical film to appear on shop shelves with most leaning towards the aesthetic value B&W film photography can add to a picture:

“I use a lot of instant film in various formats and the availability of B/W Instax would propt me to invest in the Instax system.”

Howard Maryon-Davis, Devizes, United Kingdom

“I love photography I love instant film & Fujifilm it’s not enough that have only normal color instant film at least give us the Black & White please please please that will be very awesome~”

AShienr Ace, Klang, Malaysia

“I use hundreds of packs of instax film every year in my business, but have always wanted the ability to offer black and white prints.”

Antony Hands, East Tamworth, Australia

“I was considering purchasing one of the higher-end Instax cameras a few months ago and went with a Polaroid/Impossible setup instead because Fuji doesn’t do BW Instant – a shame as their films are currently much more affordable and available than Impossible’s …”

Alistair Henning, Edmonton, Canada

“I love all forms of photography. Film is one of my favorites and all though the Instax is more of a fun play camera it would still be nice to have the black and white option to be able to produce a more timeless memory.”

Allison Miklus, Shelton, CT
However, despite the worldwide attention the petition has already attained it’s unlikely Fuji will listen to the petition. As many have pointed out a previous appeal attempting to save the amazing FP100C packfilm was thwarted by the company despite having 23,000 backers.
For those already convinced but without the patience to wait for an answer from Fuji, there’s always The Impossible Project’s Polaroid revival of 600 B&W film for sale, although it’s certainly not cheap.


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