Santander Bank Advert Suggests Buying a Film Camera

One of the world’s largest banks has released an advert for a checking account suggesting to buy rolls of film with any savings made when signing up. We’re totally ok with that.

Spotted in the wild by #BelieveinFilm photographer KristenWithACamera the commercial by Santander Bank in the UK appears on the side of a shelter and makes no mistakes on how to spend all that extra cash.

“Buy a vintage camera. Spend your monthly fee on film.”

Featuring a mocked up film camera, most likely a Nikon FM2 (vintage camera collectors, please feel free to comment and correct us) with its badge removed, the advert isn’t about film photography at all, but rather a lure for new customers wanting to switch checking account.

The takeaway for us at Phogotraphy is the increasing signs that film photography is making enormous strides in its revival. Seeing mentions of film in commonplace like national ads is heart warming.

We wonder how much film you’d get with your “monthly fee”?

Correction: Thank you Levi Cupedo for informing Phogotraphy that the camera in question is in fact a Canon FT QL.



One thought on “Santander Bank Advert Suggests Buying a Film Camera

  1. Eugen Mezei August 6, 2016 / 11:36 pm

    “the increasing signs that film photography is making enormous strides in its revival”
    Really? Tell that Fuji. Just last week they chopped a dozen films. Practically almost no color film remains.

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