Introducing the Trump Snappy – A Vintage Camera Collector’s Great Find

Vintage camera collect Gregg Matthews caused a stir in the online community earlier today when he announced the latest model to join his grand collection, the ‘Trump Snappy.’


Made in the USA and seemingly a relic from a former business venture, Matthews had a few choice words to say about the fantastic piece of plastic:

“Picked up this baby from a shuttered business and loaded a roll from the swamp of out-dated film I’ve collected. This model is amazing, really great for small-handed users, and not too loud for grabbing pictures on the sly. The tunnel-view is somewhat dim due to age, but easily replaced. The first set of negatives aren’t promising. I love the blacks, but highlights are overblown and a orange hue is smeared throughout. I found a source for 620 film from Russia online, which I’ll employ to bring some order to this mess.”

Among the comments, the majority asking for an unwarranted destruction of the camera were some real classics. “A great camera for people with small hands” really got us chuckling.

The remarkable find has already spiked a variety of ‘Trump Camera’ searches on Google, eBay and Craigslist, but confused collectors are scratching their heads. Is this another scheme that came and went before the product could reach the market?

Unfortunately, not. As you may have sussed by now, the camera is in fact a creation of Matthews who has ingeniously parodied the well known ‘Tower Snappy‘ camera by liberally applying a few Photoshop layers and brushes.

Good work, Matthews! You had most of us fooled (and excited) for a solid five minutes.



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