There’s a Petition to get Fuji to produce B&W Instax film

Now here’s an interesting idea. A film photographer has started a petition on to persuade the makers of Fuji Instax to begin making black and white versions of the popular instant film.


Started by German photographer Darko Saric, the petition Continue reading

Review: The New Fuji Instax Mini 70 has landed

Love Instax? Well you’re going to want to see this review by the Fuji Guys who cover the new Fuji Instax Mini 70 camera and its modern look!

The camera is debuted as a step up camera from the Mini 8 and has a more mature, streamlined look, overall being more solid and professional looking. It still keeps the original look and shape of the brand we’ve come to know and love.

One of the main difference with this camera is it has an automatic exposure meter which operates between half a second to 1/400th. The flash, unlike the Mini 8 doesn’t always fire. You can override this setting though and force the flash.

On the front a selfie mirror has been permanently installed to help when framing self portraits, a ‘selfie’ button on the back which adjusts the focus distance to a more useable 60cm, or arm’s length.

They’re not on sale yet, but we’re sure the popular brand will be adopted quickly. Long live Fuji Instax!

Just Don’t Point this Camera at the Police

Moscow based artist Dmitry Morozov has designed a digital camera by reengineering a Gameboy classic, accompanying thermal printer accessory and a GUN!

Dmitry Morozov's 8-bit Instant Photo Gun.
Dmitry Morozov’s 8-bit Instant Photo Gun.

He calls it the 8-bit Instant Photo Gun, and that’s exactly what it is. Despite looking like a movie prop from a futuristic steampunk-esque film like Mad Max, the camera is actually quite functional. Albeit a certain taste may be required to appreciate this certain output aesthetic.

The thermal printers & camera were sold as an accessory to the Gameboy over a decade ago. With under 1 Mega-Pixel of power they are slowly starting to creep bag into the digital-hispter’s bag. Morozov has simply repurposed the entire system to work with a gun’s trigger. Continue reading