The Surreal World of Broken Face Swaps

In 2011 Sabato Visconti removed the memory card from his digital camera to inspect his photographs and discovered an unusual glitch among the files. Random zeroes had been added to Jpeg files. What should have been simple reproductions of any one given scene turned out to be visualisations of his technology dreaming. It was accidental, but profound and this simple glitch lead Visconti on a path he now embraces; breaking software to push the boundaries of photographic imagery.


Visconti’s latest project concerns the popular social networking app SnapChat, most famous for its ephemeral approach to photographs that ‘self destruct’ Continue reading

There’s a Pokemon that looks like a Choad and Trainers have been taking absurd Selfies with it.

We start August off with an amusing series of photographs from the web constructed in the hit game Pokemon Go. For those unfamiliar, a certain creature named ‘Diglett’ has been popping up around Pokemon trainer’s bedrooms under the most peculiar of places…

Cm8J0-TVMAE2Qua copy

What’s actually happening here isn’t quite as invasive as it might first seem. Within the game is an augmented reality option that places a wild Pokemon within a frame captured on camera for selfies and such. If angled just right you can have Pikachu Continue reading

German Citizens now Required to Delete Nude Photographs of Ex-lovers.

Consent can be withdrawn. That is the founding principle of a ruling made by Germany’s top court in relation to intimate photographs taken between couples that have gone their separate ways, DW reports.

Screen Shot 2015-12-24 at 21.01.04.png

The ruling, published on Monday 22nd December 2015 by The Bundesgerichtshof (BGH) was brought forth by a female plaintiff who had been photographed naked both before and after sexual Continue reading

Heineken’s Selfie from Space was an Elaborate Lie.

It was billed by Heineken as the first ever selfie from Space. An elaborate stunt in which an orbiting satellite would focus in on a gathering of people and snap a picture from 400 miles above the Earth. Something didn’t quite add up though. Phogotraphy investigates.

#Spyfie or more #Liefie?

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 15.06.55

The “record breaking photo” was taken as part of Heineken’s collaboration with the James Bond franchise in order to promote their latest film Spectre. Dubbed #Spyfie by marketing bods, Continue reading

Evolution of the Smile Mapped through 100 years of Yearbooks

The year book, staple souvenir of any American school kid born in the last century is the subject of a study undertaken by university researchers into the way our smile has changed over time.

The study analysed almost 38,000 unique frontal-facing portraits taken from American high school year books to compile an impressive snapshot of each decade since the year 1900.

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 13.38.20

Because of the photographic typology of the portraits contained within they are perfect for computational data Continue reading

Nutscapes: A Celebration of the Immaturity of Man

The call for a celebration of males in modern times is as needed as much as a public holiday for white skinned people in the US. Most political offices in the world are held by men, the gender pay gap still favours human beings that lack mammary glands and even forward thinking science communities are still plagued with sexism. But if we were to, say hypothetically, champion what it is like to be male in a sea of feminism and push forth the agenda that being a man is something to be proud of, how would that be achieved?


Men are can be childish. As one myself I can substantiate the claim that despite the ageing process, intention of being a good father and consideration for the future, Continue reading

This Picture Isn’t Staged

At yesterdays MLB baseball game between the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Colarado Rockies a cameraman was filming the crowd and spotted something funny. This group of sorority girls were going selfie crazy (instead of watching the game) and it caught the TV announcers attention too.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 21.10.31

The commentators switched their analysis of the game that was still being played and began analysing the girls Continue reading

Review: The New Fuji Instax Mini 70 has landed

Love Instax? Well you’re going to want to see this review by the Fuji Guys who cover the new Fuji Instax Mini 70 camera and its modern look!

The camera is debuted as a step up camera from the Mini 8 and has a more mature, streamlined look, overall being more solid and professional looking. It still keeps the original look and shape of the brand we’ve come to know and love.

One of the main difference with this camera is it has an automatic exposure meter which operates between half a second to 1/400th. The flash, unlike the Mini 8 doesn’t always fire. You can override this setting though and force the flash.

On the front a selfie mirror has been permanently installed to help when framing self portraits, a ‘selfie’ button on the back which adjusts the focus distance to a more useable 60cm, or arm’s length.

They’re not on sale yet, but we’re sure the popular brand will be adopted quickly. Long live Fuji Instax!

Send Photos of your *ahem* Feet to the Moon.

In perhaps one of the most bizarre social experiments we’ve ever seen, Lunar Mission One has just put out a call to humanity for photographs of peoples feet which they can put on a hard drive, install on a Spaceship and send to the Moon in 2017.

This is not a joke.

My Daughters Space Wellies are off to the Moon
My Daughters Space Wellies are off to the Moon

The idea seems to genuinely come from a good place Continue reading

Infographic: How to Take the Ultimate Selfie

This fun little infographic by Zippi is less of a how-to and more of a how-did-it-all-start.

Don’t worry though, we’re as fed up as selfies as you guys, but in the interests of bringing you the stories first, here’s the complete run down. Enjoy. Continue reading