Model Strikes 26 Different Poses in Under 30 Seconds

Step aside Zoolander, there’s a new ridiculously good looking model in town and this one has a super power even better than blue steel. An ability to morph through what seems like countless poses effortlessly during a professional photo shoot.

At Phogotraphy we meticulously went through the video to check there were no duplicate poses during the half minute stunt and indeed the model is as good as the video would suggest. In under 30 seconds he managed to pull of 26 different poses and even at one point had to wait for the photographer’s flash to warm back up – he was that quick.

The video uploaded by artists Shaadow Sefiroth just 24 hours ago titled ‘dude slaying them poses’ [sic] has already notched up 2.6 million views and counting. We can imaging Photoshoots would be pretty easy with this guy. Take a look at the video:

“If only”

We spoke to professional photographer Christopher Mitchell of Weston-Super-Mare who says “working with a model like this would give both sides maximum creative potential.” Mitchell went on to share the video with the simple description “if only.”

The model has got some work to do if he wants to stay on top of his game. We reported last month that Bhanu Prakash was in training to break the world record for selfies taken in an hour. We wouldn’t mind it if photography were to slow down a bit occasionally.

Thanks for the tip Chris.


2 thoughts on “Model Strikes 26 Different Poses in Under 30 Seconds

  1. Shawk Parson October 13, 2015 / 12:56 am

    fine, but some poses were either repeats or very close … 🙂


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