The Story Behind The Baseball Photographer Trading Cards

Back in the 1970s the photographic art world was experiencing a transformation of sorts. The rise of the celebrity photographer, especially in America set a precedent in the contemporary art market. Photographer’s work started selling for serious money. Mike Mandel, then a student of the San Francisco Art Institute noticed the change and put his mind to creating a body of work that would first satirise but later memorialise the celebrity photographer of the day.

In what would turn out to be an audacious undertaking, Mandel would spend the next Summer travelling the length and breadth of the United States on what he called a Continue reading

Caught!? $40,000 worth of camera gear Recovered in Rio Olympic Park.

  • Brett Costello spots man wearing his stolen vest & equipment entering Olympic park.
  • Police apprehend and arrest male who is escorted away.
  • Male says he “bought the jacket and gear on the street outside”
  • Theft shows how easy it is to trespass at Rio Olympic park

During the run up to the Rio Olympics one professional photographer’s story hit the headlines when $40,000 worth of camera equipment was stolen from him in just 10 seconds. Today we can confirm that victim Brett Costello has recovered his lost items and a male suspect has been apprehended.


Tresspasser is apprehended by Brazilian officials. image: Yahoo Sports

In an unusual twist it appears from the video footage we’ve seen acquired by Yahoo Sports and the Australian Daily Telegraph shows what we’re witnessing Continue reading

National Park Service & the ‘Ansel Adams’ Job. Was Film Killed off too Early?

On Tuesday we published an article describing a lucrative photography position available at the US National Park Service with the tag line Skills Required: Large Format Photography. Garnering significant interest from the analog community and poking the never ending coals of the film vs digital debate the post went viral through re-blogs, retellings of the story and different spins to receive worldwide attention. The term “Ansel Adams” an inevitable connection to be made began trending on Twitter and continues to do as of writing this article.

Jack Boucher, former HABS (c) Photographer.

The story essentially highlighted exciting proof that film was not dead – despite the phrase having being uttered in both positive and negative forms for the past three decades. This, coupled with Continue reading

This Groom can’t see his Bride-to-be for Guests taking Photos on their Phones

Another day, another wedding photographer having to grapple with the scourge of phone-toting guests filming, snapping and Instagramming everything they’d been hired to do. However Thomas Stewart of Australia has found himself in this situation too many times and as the photograph he took below demonstrates quite clearly, enough is enough.

That’s the groom having to peer around the the guests with phones to see his bride to be walking down the aisle.

Thomas Stewart Wedding Photography Rant

Thomas spent some time yesterday writing a heartfelt rant on his social media page urging guests to leave their phones and cameras Continue reading

Model Strikes 26 Different Poses in Under 30 Seconds

Step aside Zoolander, there’s a new ridiculously good looking model in town and this one has a super power even better than blue steel. An ability to morph through what seems like countless poses effortlessly during a professional photo shoot.

At Phogotraphy we meticulously went through the video Continue reading