Amy Schumer Posts Preview of Leibovitz Pirelli Shoot

Remember in September we shared that Annie Leibovitz was dropping models in favour of strong independent women for the 2016 Pirelli calendar? Well one of the headline acts, Amy Schumer just posted a risqué candid from the shoot on Facebook.


Amy describes herself in the image as a “Beautiful, gross, strong, thin, fat, pretty, ugly, sexy, disgusting, flawless, woman.”  What we see at Phogotraphy is, as Leibovitz intended a strong, independent woman.  Continue reading

Model Strikes 26 Different Poses in Under 30 Seconds

Step aside Zoolander, there’s a new ridiculously good looking model in town and this one has a super power even better than blue steel. An ability to morph through what seems like countless poses effortlessly during a professional photo shoot.

At Phogotraphy we meticulously went through the video Continue reading

Leibovitz Drops Models in Favour of Strong, Independent Women for Pirelli 2016 Calendar

The fashion world went nuts earlier this week when it was announced that Annie Leibovitz, this year’s headlining photographer for the illustrious Pirelli Calendar made the decision to drop the models. Calling on old friends like Yoko Ono and new found celebs the subtle curves and focus on the female form which the calendar is known for has been ditched… for talent.

Featuring a mostly clothed 12+ females set to an intentionally Continue reading

The Making of Alex Timmermans’ Stunning ‘Swan Lake’

It’s a cry photographers know all to well, “the final shot of the day was the one, I’d finally cracked it” and that rings true for Alex Timmermans’ most recent wet plate collodion creation ‘Swan Lake’. A man who strives in meeting a bar of perfection set so high he’s known to keep working on a set until sheer beauty is realised. Just take a look at the final plate.

Swan Lake by Alex Timmermans, 2015

What is so striking about this image alters depending on your perspective. Initially, the swan, which we know as a beautiful but fierce creature is mid-dynamic, calling upon a dancer somehow floating on water in a self embrace. The stage looks incredibly dangerous however Continue reading

Illustrator Merges Fashion Sketches and Real Life in Series of Photographs

Now this is an idea worth exploring. Artist & fashion illustrator Shamekh Bluwi has been cutting out holes in some of his work to allow the scene behind to ‘paint’ the sketches. He’s been sharing the creative idea through a series of photographs on his Instagram account.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 13.24.37

We’ve seen similar work before, most notably FILMography the New York Movie Scenes blog by Christopher Maloney. However instead of lining up old movie scenes with the surrounding architecture, or indeed merging the past and present using old photographs, Shamekh envelopes the scene to evoke real world scenes on his sketches. Continue reading