German Citizens now Required to Delete Nude Photographs of Ex-lovers.

Consent can be withdrawn. That is the founding principle of a ruling made by Germany’s top court in relation to intimate photographs taken between couples that have gone their separate ways, DW reports.

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The ruling, published on Monday 22nd December 2015 by The Bundesgerichtshof (BGH) was brought forth by a female plaintiff who had been photographed naked both before and after sexual Continue reading

Amy Schumer Posts Preview of Leibovitz Pirelli Shoot

Remember in September we shared that Annie Leibovitz was dropping models in favour of strong independent women for the 2016 Pirelli calendar? Well one of the headline acts, Amy Schumer just posted a risqué candid from the shoot on Facebook.


Amy describes herself in the image as a “Beautiful, gross, strong, thin, fat, pretty, ugly, sexy, disgusting, flawless, woman.”  What we see at Phogotraphy is, as Leibovitz intended a strong, independent woman.  Continue reading

Leibovitz Drops Models in Favour of Strong, Independent Women for Pirelli 2016 Calendar

The fashion world went nuts earlier this week when it was announced that Annie Leibovitz, this year’s headlining photographer for the illustrious Pirelli Calendar made the decision to drop the models. Calling on old friends like Yoko Ono and new found celebs the subtle curves and focus on the female form which the calendar is known for has been ditched… for talent.

Featuring a mostly clothed 12+ females set to an intentionally Continue reading

Lady who Flashed her Breasts at Google Car is Being Charged by Police

When Karen Davis ticked off one of the items on her bucket list, she never expected the story it created would land her in trouble with the law. But now, over two months later the infamous stunt has been noticed by SA police who are charging her with ‘disorderly conduct’

Karen Davis directs a cheeky wobble toward the Google Street Cameras.
Karen Davis directs a cheeky wobble toward the Google Street Cameras.

Although not sexually motivated, the harmless prank is being treated like any other public display of nudity would be. Davis admits that she felt liberated after the Google car has passed. She told the Adelaide advertiser:

“I used to be ashamed of my bust size and now I’ve accepted it and I embrace it.
“It’s a set of boobs and they show them on TV, you know what I mean?”

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