Photographer Protected by Police Officer during Dallas Protest Shootings

As gun shots rang out across the city of Dallas protesters and police took cover. Some quickly used their phones and cameras to capture the scenes and spread awareness on social media. One photographer got caught in the cross fire and found himself taking shelter under the brave protection of a Dallas city police officer.
Police Officer James Dylan Smith protects photographer Robert Moore during the Dallas march shootings.
Photographer Robert Moore was documenting the Dallas protest rally on Thursday night when he decided to find a different position to get his photographs from. Moore headed towards the corner of Lamar andMain to wait and it was here his photography found an unexpected perspective. Shots rang out and he ran to take cover behind the nearest vehicle while police officer James Dylan Smith sheltered him as further shooting erupted. 
He was joined by two more police officers close to him while shots continued to be fired and then Officer James Dylan Smith moved them to what they hoped would be a safer position back behind the car where he continued to protect Robert Moore and the other officers. They remained crouched down in this position for almost two hours before they were evacuated from the area.
Screen Shot facebook
Robert Moore’s Facebook post has gone viral with over 6700 shares.
During an interview with the Dallas News Robert says;
“In the photo you clearly see a man who is hyper-vigilant. He is assessing all of the elements around him. He is watching to the right, to the left …they didn’t really know where the threat was coming from and they were always on the lookout to make sure they were aware of their surroundings.”
These types of stories are never nice to cover and we urge our readers to take shelter away from the ‘action’ and not head towards it. In this case Moore had no choice and we are thankful a lawman was able to assist.

Image used with the explicit permission of the photographer Robert Moore. 
You can view his Facebook post here and follow him on Flickr or Instagram @robphotoworld. 

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