British Prime Minister David Cameron Appears to Levitate out of Number 10 in Bizarre Photo

The British have had their fair share of shocks and surprises over recent weeks. If Brexit and its subsequent resignation spree weren’t enough, this incredible photograph captured by press photographer Peter Macdiarmid of a levitating prime minister will finally convince us the UK has lost its feet.

I must go, my people… don’t need me

Of course Mr Cameron isn’t really levitating. Instead, and much to our relief it quickly becomes apparent that a common photography quirk is at play whereby an optical illusion between Cameron’s right leg and a gentlemen walking behind him who happens to be wearing the same trousers and shoes plays a trick on the eye convincing us that both Cameron’s legs are mid-flight.

We caught up with the photographer Peter Macdiarmid and he told us how the lucky photo came about:

When the PM [Prime minister] walks out of number 10 there’s normally about 1.5 seconds where you can see his face. In this particular instance I happened to be testing out a Sony RX10m3 from a distance of about 100 metres and took the photo. There’s been no ‘Photoshopping’ at all and I immediately knew I’d captured something very surreal.

Remarkable! At Phogotraphy we’re great fans of serendipity in photographs and this one of a world leader (for the time being) is certainly top of the pile content.

Image used with the explicit permission by the photographer Peter Macdiarmid. You can follow him on his website or on Twitter.


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