This Photograph of the Chuckle Brothers is an Instant Classic

If you’ve not seen this already, prepare for it to appear on your respective news feeds imminently. Here we have a photograph that will no doubt make it into every Buzzfeed listicle imaginable, appear in the spammy ad section that appears at the bottom of most blogs and probably spend a good hour or so on the front page of the Internet.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 17.46.30

To the non-UK friends of Phogotraphy the guys either side of the pretty young lass are well known children entertainers Barry & Paul Elliott, also known as The Chuckle Brothers. Those of us fortunate enough to grow up in the ’80s will reminisce their TV show on BBC (or was it ITV?) where they’d find themselves in awkward situations like trying to carry a sofa up the stairs. Their catchphrase being the immortal “to me, to you.” 

Everything has fallen into place just perfectly, so much so we’ve had to publicly ask if there’s a word that can adequately describe the common occurrence of a seemingly innocent photograph with serendipitously naughty connotations. Case in point; there’s a 12″ erect dong protruding from her glass.


Brilliant. So much so we’re happy to put our name on the line to say this particular photograph is going to be an instant classic.


via Solita Restaurants. Thanks for the tip Arty.


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