Those Who Steal Photos Should be Stung by a Thousand Bees

In a rare break of persona, the satirical photographer Missy Mwac has launched a scathing attack on a popular Facebook page that stole an image and allegedly removed her name as credit. A photo of her as a child in the arms of her doting father.

“That’s not sharing, it’s called stealing”

The picture posted earlier this year is a grainy black and white vernacular snap from the author’s yesteryear entitled with the caption “If you don’t think photos are important, wait until they are all you have left.”  The message is especially poignant for Missy who lost her father early in life and helps carry weight to her ongoing cause of getting people to print more photos.

Missy, real name Lynn Cartia first found out about the posting made by ‘Smart Assy‘ this morning when one of her followers informed her of the social media faux-pas. In the video Continue reading

The Paradox of Dylan Roof and Gold’s Gym.

A black figure stands almost naked, flexed muscles holding a bar of weights signifying strength. This could easily be interpreted as a nuanced reference to the symbolic black power salute that emerged from the 1968 Olympics after Tommie Smith and John Carlos received podium medals. The image is unanimously considered as terrifying, not because it’s a symbol of strength against oppression, but the chest it is emblazoned on is that of 21 year old North Carolina racist recluse Dylan Roof who went on to commit an act of terrorism in a church filled with people of colour.

Screen Shot 2015-06-20 at 18.07.36

The photograph emerged Continue reading