We Awkwardly Asked The Oatmeal for Permission to Republish their Latest Comic.

On Friday morning I found myself entering into a paradoxical situation with Matthew Inman, owner and creator of The Oatmeal comic. His latest publication expressed a feeling felt more and more by content creators, especially photographers that we had to share it here – so I asked him for permission directly.

Would it be OK if I shared your ‘exposure’ comic on Phogotraphy as I feel it will resonate well with our followers. I cannot offer payment, but I promise to link back to your original content and credit where necessary.

I essentially offered The Oatmeal payment in exposure for a comic which discussed that exact issue.

I’m a douche. Here it is.


Matthew didn’t reply directly to my request, he did however (I naively believe the public comment was directed straight towards buffoons such as myself) create a later post with a ‘shareable’ image. He also promised in the comment section to send everyone an invoice and do unthinkable things to our Facebook pages – It’s not something we’ll be repeating here.

Via The Oatmeal… of course.