Common Sense Prevails – Freedom of Panorama Saved

In what may come as a surprise to most cynics, a photography based petition has actively changed a political debate and prevented a further erosion of photographers’ rights. The Freedom of Panorama has been saved!


Nico Trinkhaus handed over the petition which as of July 8th stood at 480,000 signatures in favour of the Freedom of Panorama. For a bit of background a draft law was due to be passed in the European courts which restricted the right for photographers, both amateur and pro to snap photographs of cities and landmarks without repercussion. Julia Reda had championed an expansion of the freedom of panorama to countries which don’t allow it like France, however this bill was turned on its head to threaten us all.

Today, confirmed that the mumblings of our elected oligarchs in the courts of Brussels had changed significantly in tone after receiving the petition approved by half a million people. Nico Trinkhaus said:

When I handed over the petition to MEP Julia Reda, she was “overwhelmed by the responses to the petition” and stated that “the petition has changed the debate in the parliament considerably and a lot of the parliamentary groups that originally voted for a restriction of Freedom of Panorama are clearly changing their mind about this.”

We’d like to extend a huge thanks to Nico and Julia whom without their support, go getting attitude and optimism for making this happen and protecting out rights as photographers!

#SAVEFOP ! ! !

Walmart Supermarket Refuses to hand over Photos of Couple’s Newborn Baby

An ASDA supermarket in the UK (who are owned by Walmart) caused quite a stir this month when staff refused to hand over photographs of a parent’s newborn baby, even though she was one of the people in the pictures. The reason? “They look too professional”


Lauren Breed, 28 visited the ASDA store in Albans Road, Watford to print the pictures she had taken by family friend Katrina Matthews. It wasn’t until after the photo lab had done the printing that they broke the news to the doting mother. Lauren was told that unless she could prove she owned copyright she was not going to be given the photographs. Continue reading

A Photographer’s Open Response to Taylor Swift’s Rant Against Apple.

Dear Taylor Swift, I have read your open letter to Apple where you give your reasons for refusing to allow your album ‘1989′ to be included on their forthcoming Apple Music streaming service. (For reference: Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 15.50.42 I applaud it. It’s great to have someone with a huge following standing up for the rights of creative people and making a stand against the corporate behemoths who have so much power they Continue reading

Moronic Family Stand by Photographer’s Decision to Take THIS Photo.

What is fast becoming the most idiotic cliche a photographer and his or her subjects can take part in has earned this particular family an Internet backlash it (probably) deserves.

Screen Shot 2015-06-19 at 21.21.02

CBS 58 news channel reports that despite receiving criticism from the Globe and its creepy uncle, they are not sorry for what they did and would prefer to just get on with their lives. Despite not having the common sense to realise that staging photographs on train tracks is an utterly selfish and thoughtless act they had no idea it was illegal. Continue reading

Sri Lankans and their Selfies with Police Craze

If you ever find yourself getting pulled over by police officer in Sri Lanka be sure to act calm, obey commands, reach for your phone and take a selfie.


Polfie. noun, informal.

Taking a camera phone photo of oneself and a police officer with the intention to upload the picture to social media to garner likes.

Facebook page Dhada Selfie is full of dozens of such incidents and according to a reporter at Cnet it’s not frowned upon by the officer. Continue reading

Darth Vader with a Selfie Stick made out of Lego because Sunday.

Here’s a cute picture of Darth Vader and one of his minion Storm Troopers taking a selfie using a selfie stick made out of a light sabre.


This picture has been making the rounds on Twitter and Reddit today and looks set to carry on going viral over the next couple of days. Great news for the original photographer, right?

Wrong! Not a single retweet, share or blog I’ve found has cited the original artist, and that’s the point we want to make. Even after conducting a backwards image search on Google which usually does the trick, we turned up hands empty, again with countless links to sharing the photo uncredited. Continue reading

Lady who Flashed her Breasts at Google Car is Being Charged by Police

When Karen Davis ticked off one of the items on her bucket list, she never expected the story it created would land her in trouble with the law. But now, over two months later the infamous stunt has been noticed by SA police who are charging her with ‘disorderly conduct’

Karen Davis directs a cheeky wobble toward the Google Street Cameras.
Karen Davis directs a cheeky wobble toward the Google Street Cameras.

Although not sexually motivated, the harmless prank is being treated like any other public display of nudity would be. Davis admits that she felt liberated after the Google car has passed. She told the Adelaide advertiser:

“I used to be ashamed of my bust size and now I’ve accepted it and I embrace it.
“It’s a set of boobs and they show them on TV, you know what I mean?”

Continue reading

London Metropolitan Police Issue Caution to Editor of the Guardian for Using a Tripod.

The police in London had nothing better to do yesterday morning than respond to the cries of a “large, sweaty speck” who happened to be passing by Guardian journalist Alan Rusbridger as he was having his photograph taken by David Levene on Hampstead Heath, a public space.

In Rusbridger’s blog on the Guardian he explained how the situation played out:

On the brow of the hill there was a jogger stretched in silhouette, no more than a tiny speck against the trees and blue sky. I took a picture.

The tiny speck turned out to be an unhappy speck. He ran down the hill shouting that I had no right to take pictures and I’d better effing delete them. As he got nearer he became a rather large and shouty speck, sweat beading on his bald head as he bellowed in my face.

We were effing out of order. It was illegal to take effing pictures here and if I didn’t delete the effing picture he’d effing call the police. He was really quite menacing – in the manner, say, of a 90s gangster movie.

I explained I was disinclined to delete the picture I had taken in a public space just because he looked to be on the point of murdering me. This made the speck even crosser.

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