Sri Lankans and their Selfies with Police Craze

If you ever find yourself getting pulled over by police officer in Sri Lanka be sure to act calm, obey commands, reach for your phone and take a selfie.


Polfie. noun, informal.

Taking a camera phone photo of oneself and a police officer with the intention to upload the picture to social media to garner likes.

Facebook page Dhada Selfie is full of dozens of such incidents and according to a reporter at Cnet it’s not frowned upon by the officer. Apparently the the whole craze, dubbed ‘Polfies’ was started by a policeman on duty accidentally taking a photo of three young offenders (alleged.)


In an age where many citizens in other Western countries are relying on camera phones to protect their rights and in some cases their lives it’s refreshing to see their use being flipped on its head. Despite being obviously involved in a misdemeanour crime or traffic offence of some sort the selfie polfie takers are certainly enjoying their brief moment in the spotlight and a chance to get their five minutes of fame on social media.

Enjoy the other snaps, kids and remember, don’t use your phone while driving.

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H/T Cnet.

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