Watch a Photographer Unveil Stunning Gumoil Portrait on Video

We’re always keen to share alternative photography processes here on PhoGoTraphy and when we saw this lovely video by Anna Ostanina we thought it would make perfect Sunday viewing!

We spoke with Anna about the alternative photographic process used in the video and she was happy to give us an explanation.

Gumoil or Gumoil printing – it’s a method for producing photos with gum, chromium salts and oil paints. It’s a painstaking but very expressive photographic method that combines unique authoring and spark picture with documentary photography. Through the use of materials for art works – cotton paper and oil paints, archival photos have unique properties that are comparable to paintings on canvas. Nevertheless, Gumoil print is 100% a photographic process. To obtain an image I do not use any additional chemicals or chemical elements other than the above. I do not chlorine bleach pattern. All that is necessary for a successful work is quality paper and oil colors, properly selected chemical composition and faithful exposition.

Anna tells us she’s been making gumoil prints for about three years now and remarkably can’t recall the name of the young girl who sat for her stunning portrait. In case you’re wondering the final print is for sale but Anna hasn’t declared a price and has said she’d far prefer to chat about it to people directly.

Here’s the final print. We can imagine it looks incredible in person.

Gumoil Print by Anna Ostanina.

Many thanks to Anna Ostanina, who gave us explicit permission to post the video and results. We really enjoyed watching your video and thanks for sharing!


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