Reasons to Try Film: A Retro Poster Series by Ilford

Over the last few weeks our friends at Ilford Photo have been rolling out a series of retro posters to compliment their popular range of 35mm films. PhoGoTraphy has been given exclusive access to the as yet unreleased posters which you can view for the first time here and whet your appetite for some of that delicious black and white film.

1.HP5 A4

The retro style posters have a familiar feel to feel to them. In 2010 Lomography released a series calledThe Future is Analogue‘ which heralded such phrases as “Film & Paper Ensure Originality, Authenticity & Eternity.” Ilford has managed to keep their mantra far more reserved but still manages to poke fun at the alternative digital choice with phrases such as “Don’t Fake it” above.

As of writing this article, only posters #1, #2, #3, #5 & #7 have been released for full download, but we’re promised the others will be made available soon. Follow Ilford’s Twitter account to be first off the mark when they finally hit.

For now, here’s the remainder of the 8 posters for you to enjoy. We’re pretty psyched about number 8 which features SFX 200 film and can’t wait to give it a whirl.

2.FP4 A4

4.DELTA 100 A4

5.DELTA 400 A4

6.DELTA 3200 A4
7.XP2 A4

8.SFX A4

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