What would a Picture Book look like without any Pictures?

One of Phogotraphy’s favourite artists Jasper Elings, has created an insightful picture book without pictures.

Picturebook without pictures, Jasper Elings.
Picturebook without pictures, Jasper Elings.

As the Internet age brought forth picture sharing, it was inevitable that some pages didn’t load smoothly and when pictures don’t load properly a placeholder is used instead. Elings has cleverly taken these images and subverted our idea of what a picture book should look like, instead creating a conceptual photographic art book full of imagination and wit. This is what the empty internet looks like, and it is actually surprisingly colourful.

Picturebook without pictures, Jasper Elings.

picturebook-jasper-elings-04 picturebook-jasper-elings-05 picturebook-jasper-elings-06 picturebook-jasper-elings-07 picturebook-jasper-elings-10 picturebook-jasper-elings-13 picturebook-jasper-elings-08Picturebook without pictures, Jasper Elings.

Picturebook without pictures, Jasper Elings.

We found these pages delightful to look at and a piece of brilliant contemporary thinking by Jasper Elings. Unfortunately it was only produced under a limited edition and is no longer available for sale (and we would have loved to have bought one). Should there be any more produced we will post an update with further details.

All images used with the express permission of the artist Jasper Elings

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