Photoshopping Poppy Blunder by UK’s Prime Minister

This is usually a story best left for undisputed king of Photoshop gaffes Kim Jung-un. North Korea’s young dictator often enjoys pseudo-appearances and missing shadows. However now the leader of the UK Conservative party and current serving prime minister can boast of an editing mishap of his own. It’s all a bit poppycock really.


There’s no doubting the clumsy, rushed attempt was an error in judgement by a pro-active social media team, after all this particular faux-pas happened on Number 10’s official Twitter account. You’d think after September’s enormously embarrassing and potential libel story making headlines that the luddites behind the Twitter wheel would be a little more savvy to how the Internet responds by now.

For non-UK, non-armistice day commemorating countries, the Poppy symbol is a reminder to all of the fallen from major wars throughout history. The Royal British legion in the UK sells poppies to raise funds for the soldiers and families affected by war. In this instance, and what makes it so terribly shameful is the lack of apparent effort from the PM to buy a poppy. They’re only a quid!

Within an hour, David Cameron’s avatar was changed to a more suitable, un-‘shopped’ version. Within a couple of days it was changed again to a less subtle edit. See, poppycock.

Via The UK Daily Press.

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