You can tell this Game was Built by Photographers

Christmas morning came, gifts were unwrapped and like many middle aged parents who find most joy binge watching a new Netflix series when the children are asleep I opened the brand new Apple TV box, a gift from my wife. We already had the previous unit however this newer model included the App store; another ingenious way of getting the zombie nation to spend more money. Lest I continue this droll sense of pain for it led me to discover a beautiful game called Lumino City.

We’re not a fan of spoilers, so if my enthusiasm already has you convinced head to the bottom of this post where you’ll find a link to the download options.

Wait a minute, that house is a giant camera!

Within minutes of clicking through the opening scenes you’re thrown into a wonderful world that is so quirky and lifelike it has to be built by hand. In fact the entire city you begin to explore has been painstakingly constructed by the creators State of Play  and photographed.

The game is not built for photographers per se, however there are several elements throughout that have been lent ideas by the traditional chemical process of film photography and more so the construction of a camera. I won’t go into too much detail but at least one level contains a photographic darkroom that needs to be lit correctly and a few tubs of chemicals that are out of order, sort of.

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 21.52.40
Developing colour prints in here is gonna be tough.

Perhaps most wonderful is the sheer size of Lumino City and the incredible walk through distances and little nooks and crannies you can explore. There’s even a several hundred page manual which is ever so detailed to pluck through if you get lost or find yourself confused.

Here’s the trailer, which if you’re into small puzzles, strange quests and good old British humour you shouldn’t even need to bother with. It’s a sure fire certain classic and we’re in love.

The ‘making of’ images will really give some perspective of scale the photographers had to work with:



Lumino City is available from the App store, Steam & 

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