Creative Idea: Stepping Inside a Light Box.

Here’s a fun creative idea to try out at home or in your own studios. Scottish photographer Kim Ayres has taken the unusual step of turning his camera around to face a light box for a striking set of abstract portraits.


Ayres had been photographing fellow Scottish artist Isabell Buenz when the thought occurred to her. Ayres, who has a keen sense of creativity willingly obliged and Isabell jumped in to the 6 foot high soft box and let her silhouette take place.

The results have a wistful playfulness about them yet evoke a certain sense of maturity. Subtle tones leading to harsh points via soft leaning curves leaves all but imagination left for what once existed of Isabell’s human form. Ayres notes on his blog that there’s even hints of cubism:

With light and shadows from both sides and the diffuse nature of the material, the result were quite abstract, even Picasso-esque in some places.

We think the images absolutely speak for themselves, so enough artistry waffle and please enjoy these six large vertical images from the session. There’s a mild sprinkling of NSFW content however we spoke to Isabell and she tells us “those are fingers”…

We think you’re telling porkies Isabell. Enjoy.
11885076_1119648194716550_4188897012509617955_n 11855713_1119648251383211_1076692934830970449_n 11873472_1119648211383215_2843206952010287360_n11889468_1119648214716548_7144817012739065741_n 11902538_1119648268049876_2339908037578364538_n 11903728_1119648238049879_2795252330026848812_n

Kim Ayres was shooting with a Canon 7D mii set to f/5.6, 1/125th and ISO 100. He tells us the soft box is a Lastolite Megalite 180 x 120cm and his flash units were made up of Canon 430EX Speedlites and a 600EX-RT.

All images shared with explicit permission from Kim Ayres Photography and Isabell Buenz.

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