Photography Great Hilla Becher Dies, Aged 81.

Hilla Becher, best known for her and her late husband’s monochrome typology photographs of industrial Germany and perhaps more importantly the ‘Becher School’ has passed away in Dusseldorf on Saturday at the age of 81.


Instantly recognisable and often presented in large grids Hilla and her husband’s iconic photographs of Gas plants, silos, water towers and other industrial buildings throughout Germany immortalised them forever in photographic history books. Their influence among documentary photographers and artists who value their 1972 collection of pure forms in architecture has transcended generations and will continue to do so.

Without Hilla & Bernd Becher it is unlikely we would have ever got to know many of their ‘Becher School’ disciples who have gone on to carve out incredibly successful international careers themselves, among them include Andreas Gursky and Thomas Ruff.

For those unfamiliar with the Becher’s work, here’s an excerpt from BERND & HILLA BECHER, a 2006 film by Michael Blackwood.

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