Inspired: The Photographer’s Playbook

Winter is coming, inspiration is waining, cameras are getting used less, photographers are losing their way. At Phogotraphy we’ve discovered a wonderful little book by Jason Fulford and Gregory Halpern that aims to combat that lack of confidence by tasking readers with small non-laborious tasks, often whimsical in nature. The Photographer’s Playbook.

The pair courted 307 people who’d touched their lives in some way and had in turn dedicated much of their own to photography. Anna Fox, Jim Goldberg, Alec Soth & Adam Broomberg are some of the influential figures nestled in amongst teachers, writers and even a park ranger.

We spent hours pouring through the different ‘assignments’ and agree it’s a real mood lifter that gets your brain going and thinking of ideas. In particular, page 213 penned by Katja Mater offers up a task that can get incredibly fun, incredibly quick.

  1. Think of one rule and make an image that sticks to this rule.
  2. Add a second rul and make another image that follows both.
  3. Add a third rule, make a third image … continue

Note the moment you are unable to follow all of the rules without breaking one. What does this look like?

Our minds are whirring away already and yet there’s 306 more pages to explore with this kind of great content!

The Photographer’s Playbook was published in 2014 by Aperture. We think it would make a great stocking filler for that photographer you love.


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