LEE Filters Unveils new KP9 Aurora Filter

The explosion in popularity of digital SLR cameras with low noise capability has brought forth the Aurora Borealis revolution. It appears that some camera accesory manufacturer are also tapping in to that market

In the early morning hours, LEE filters surprised photographers with the announcement of a brand new product to their range, the KP9 Aurora glass filter.

Photograph by astrophotography expert Mike Bolan

We had the opportunity to speak to Mike Bolan, a keen astrophotography enthusiast who had some hands on experience with the new filter:

“It’s incredible really. With the KP9 Aurora Glass you can actually pick up the elusive day time Aurora Borealis. I tried it out the morning and even though the sky was full of cloud, the Aurora appeared to be raging away in the sky.

It was pretty intense.”

Orders will be available from midday today at a price of £120 per unit.

Mike Bolan said “I’m definitely getting one.




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