Iconic Photo Emerges from the EgyptAir Hijacking.

Today’s winner of the ‘Photo of the Day’ award goes to… Ben Innes, the 26 year old British man held hostage by EgyptAir aeroplane hijacker Seif Eldin Mustafa. It’s one of the most bizarre photos we’ve seen on the news lately and epitomises the image of ‘The British Lad’.


Ben is grinning wildly at the camera while looking relaxed with his sunglasses still on his head and his hands by his side while a hint of a faint smile can be seen on his captor who also looks pretty relaxed, especially considering he’s wearing a suicide belt (however this is reported to have been a fake belt).

It’s remarkably similar to photos you see posted up on Facebook or Twitter when a friend bumps into a celebrity and asks if they can take a picture and Ben is alleged to have shared this picture via WhatsApp with his friend with some equally nonchalant banter:


Even Ben’s mum Pauline appears relaxed about the whole hijacking thing, seeming more preoccupied by correcting the definition of ‘selfie’ and telling media;

“Obviously he’s not come home yet and there are security issues to think about – we don’t want to talk about anything until it has all been resolved.” She said.

“All we can say is that the picture is clearly not a selfie as everyone has been describing it. You can clearly see that it is not Ben who is taking the picture. He’s in it but he’s not taking it.”

Yes, it’s important to get the details right at a time like this.

Ben is later seen running across the tarmac after his release with both hands in the air as if in joy and if you look closely you can see a figure in black peering out from behind the building watching over the released captives.


Today it seems the British stiff upper lip has been replaced by a cheeky grin and some irreverent social media postings and this image is sure to become iconic as a representation of humour in the face of adversity. Well done Ben, you coped with your situation brilliantly!

NB. Nothing has been reported so far about the photographer who took the image but if we can find out more we will update the post.


Via Gizmodo

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