Getty Images Hacked, hundreds of emails released.

The date is two weeks from now, the headlines have already been written, 4chan, Reddit, Anon and every other sanctimonious freedom of the web hacker has brought justice to the millions awkward penguins around the world.

In response to the titan of photographic image agency throwing down a heavy fine to a blog citing a penguin purportedly part of its archive, a group known as HACK4TehLOLZ has wreaked havoc on the personal email servers of the Getty Images head honchos. In what will be the first of many embarrassing personal messages to be publicly scrutinized, the CEO of the company is caught messaging a coworker:

Crush them. Creative freedom is a made up ideology by the zionist left and we won’t tolerate anyone, let alone zitty teenagers from touching a single pixel of ours without signing away there soul. [sic]

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