Reviewing a Century Old Kodak Camera

Every single day we seem to be bombarded with reviews of the latest and greatest cameras. Mike Eckman is a vintage camera collector who likes to do just that but with a difference. The models he reviews are older than most of us! Grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy this extensive review of an old folding camera.

What is it?

This is a No.1 Autographic Special made by the Eastman Kodak company between 1915 and 1920.  While Kodak was not known as a maker of high end cameras with top of the line specs, this camera was the exception to that rule.  Costing upwards of $50 (over $1300 today), this camera had a state of the art shutter and lens, incorporated many firsts such as the first Kodak to use Bakelite plastic, and was one of the best cameras of its era.

Film Type:
 120 Rollfilm Continue reading