Synaesthesia Party Posters for 2015 UK General Election

Synaesthete James Wannerton experiences a sensation of taste in his mouth when he hears different words and sounds. Teaming up with photographic artist Sam Cornwell they have created a visually stunning set of photos as part of a synaesthesia style campaign for the UK’s 2015 general election.

James says the tastes he experiences are involuntary and in no way reflect political allegiances he may hold. The fact Nick Clegg gives him the disgusting sensation of a meatless bone of lamb is neither here no there. While ‘Labour party’ derives a taste of vinegary chips, ‘Conservatives’ taste of hard toffee and these sensations cannot be changed.


ABOVE: David Cameron / Conservatives tastes of hard toffee, macaroons, blue ink & the texture of cloth.

Representing the seven main political parties, the posters are linked by only the cursive line of a restaurant table draped in the party colours. James says he can elaborate extensively on the tastes he experiences with words. He explains The Liberal Democrats and Nick Clegg without holding back:

This is definitely pickled onions and small pieces of rubber – as if you were eating elastic bands. There’s also a tiny smidgen of egg in Nick’s forename (but none whatsoever in his surname!). “Clegg” is f*****g awful – not dissimilar to chewing on a big, meatless bone – lamb or something similar. If I’m being more specific on this, Liberal Democrats is exactly like rubber bands but with a light drizzling of yoghurt as well – if you say the word “Liberal” slowly!


Other coincidences within the set may be Nicola Sturgeon’s name giving the taste and texture of lorne sausage, a traditional Scottish meat while Plaid Cymru tastes like a lamb chop.

Here’s the remainder of the posters:


The full list of tastes and odd items contained in the dishes is as follows.

  • David Cameron, The Conservatives – Hard toffee, macaroons, cloth, blue ink.
  • Ed Milliband, The Labour Party – Vinegary Chips, a school eraser, pine nuts.
  • Nick Clegg, Liberal Democrats – Pickled onions, elastic bands, meatless lamb leg and a dribble of yoghurt
  • Nicola Sturgeon, Scottish National Party – Lorne sausage, aspic pork pie jelly, piccalilli and jam tarts.
  • Nigel Farage, UKIP – Rich fruit cake, inside of a frankfurter sausage, fried onions, a few peas, a wet tweed jacket sleeve that grinds on your teeth and a dollop of semolina.
  • Former leader Caroline Lucas, Green Party –  Leak & spinach tart, lindt caramel chocolate and a glucose drink (most likely Lucozade.)
  • Leanne Wood, Plaid Cymru – Short crust pastry, lamb chop, pine cones and thick cut cucumber slices.

All images used with explicit permission from Sam Cornwell & James Wannerton. For details on licensing please contact them directly.

One thought on “Synaesthesia Party Posters for 2015 UK General Election

  1. Simone Brightstein May 11, 2015 / 9:49 pm

    James – this is brilliant! As always, you have a taste of every occasion and the pictures are perfect!


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