Meet Beast. Zuckerberg’s Pet Cloud.

Filed under: Just For Fun

Mark Zuckerberg just uploaded a photo of his cloud shaggy dog “Beast” to his public Facebook page. If we think we know how the Internet works, this’ll be a meme by the end of the weekend.


The photograph was taken last year by another Internet sensation, Noah Kalina, star of the 2006 ‘selfie’ film Everyday.

Beast, who has his own Facebook page with over 2 MILLION fans is a Puli breed which is sometimes referred to as a Hungarian sheep dog. Incidentally, Mark if you’re reading this, why is Beast listed as a public figure and not a pet? Do as I say, not do as I do, right?

In the spirit of this holiday weekend, I want to share the most joyful photo of Beast jumping I’ve ever seen. Even after living with this guy for five years, seeing him bounce around still makes me smile. I hope your holiday weekend has been joyful too.

Even for the emotion-void billionaire Zuckerberg, that’s a pretty funny photo of a dog.

Have a great Thanksgiving weekend, folks.


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