This Book … is a Camera!

December is almost upon us and being that time of year we thought we’d save you a “Gifts for Photographers” Google search with this incredibly cute photography book with a twist.

It’s a camera!


Designed by the brilliant Kelli Anderson, this wonderful little stocking filler would be a joy for child or adult alike. At a price of just $29 it’ll be hard to resist for your snap-happy loved ones.

Anderson explains she’s been working on the concept sometime:

For the past couple of months, I’ve been searching for the right sequence of cuts and folds to turn a piece of paper into a camera. Specifically, I wanted to make a working camera within an educational pop-up book—one that connects the dots between design and science / structure and function. Happy to report: it is finally real! The final book explains—and actively demonstrates—how a structure as humble as a folded piece of paper can tap into the intrinsic properties of light to produce a photograph.

Upon opening the book a camera presents itself in a pop-up fashion requiring only a couple of modifications to complete the camera obscura. However to ‘take’ a picture you’ll need some kind of light sensitive material. Not to worry, it comes readily packaged with 5 sheets of photo paper to get started!


Anderson says the design is inspired by Frank Chimero whose sublime book covers and designs are just as beautiful. We highly doubt any get close to explaining the science of light at such a fundamental as TBIAC (Yes, we abbreviated to look cool.)

The developing & fixing process is likely the most complicated part to complete. However some simple instructions including ingredients required for home made Caffenol and fixer. It’s under the ‘more effort’ section, but we like to think the more effort you do put in the more you’ll learn.


We recommend watching this lovely demonstration video uploaded to Vimeo 6 days ago which shows just how simple the camera’s book’s use is.

Some example images have been posted to social media already under the hashtag #thisbookisacamera.

Wonderful stuff! Stick it on our Christmas list please, we’d love a copy!

You can order the book for $29 including S&H here. If you do so quickly it might even arrive in time before Christmas! Shipping overseas is an extra $12.

Via Kelli Anderson

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