Model makes an Incredible 11 Minute Pose for Pinhole Photography Video

You know in the debate of analogue vs digital, analogue photographers are always saying the whole process behind film photography slows them down and makes them think more? We found this wonderful pinhole photography video that perfectly represents this point:

Veneno Dulce (Sweet Poison) by Israel Caballero shows a model making an incredible 11 minute pose for his pinhole images and Continue reading

Happy 89th Birthday Marilyn Monroe, You’re Beautiful.

To celebrate Marilyn Monroe’s 89th birthday, Artnet have revealed a fascinating set of photographs of the cinema goddess herself. Taking a look at the cultural icon from her early days, right up until her last photo shoot, they play well to the standard we’ve come to expect.

Marilyn Monroe, Flirtatious by Bert Stein 1962.

Some of the very intimate photographs might not be safe for work, so be careful when scrolling down however don’t let that put you off the stunning pieces by photographic artists such as Stern & Schiller. Continue reading

The ‘Desert Goddess’ of Arizona’s Glen Canyon.

Damnation is a documentary by Ben Knight and Travis Rummel that explores the way the building of dams across the United States has altered landscapes. In this short excerpt from the film they talk to Katie Lee, Hollywood starlet turned activist who ‘walked naked through Glen Canyon’.

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 17.31.01ABOVE: X-Citing by Martin D. Koehler which appears in the film.

Placed throughout the interview are a series of incredible photographs taken inside the canyon featuring an evocative Lee, which has now been flooded by the lake created when the dam was installed. Despite the passive photographs, Lee now in her 90s quite candidly tells the interviewer about Floyd Dominy who organised the canyon’s destruction “No I’ve never met him, I’d have cut his balls off if I’d have met him”.  Continue reading