How to Create a Wetplate. 7 Second Tutorial

In this fast paced world where everyone wants everything and anything immediately, people just don’t have time to learn things. That’s why I’ve put together this handy little how-to guide for learning the fine art of wet plating. Instead of spending your valuable time in a workshop being taught the craft by a professional you can learn everything you need to know FOR FREE in this quick, handy, looping tutorial.

For those interested these are all the different steps demonstrated in the 7 second Vine.

  • Peel plastic
  • Pour collodion
  • Drip collodion back into bottle
  • Sensitize plate in silver nitrate bath
  • Wait
  • Remove plate from path
  • Dry Plate
  • Put plate in holder
  • Put dark slide in holder
  • Put plate holder in camera
  • Remove dark slide
  • Insert darkslide
  • Back to darkroom, remove plate from holder
  • Pour small amount of developer
  • Pour large amount of water
  • Fix in daylight
  • Done.


And for those genuinely interested in learning how to wetplate, please contact a professional in your area and sign up for a one to one workshop.

NB. Dear other wet plate collodion practitioners. This is intended as a joke and merely demonstrates how ridiculous the notion of a quick tutorial can be. If you run courses please feel free to comment below and I will happily include your link in the description.


7 thoughts on “How to Create a Wetplate. 7 Second Tutorial

  1. villaroquette September 5, 2015 / 4:33 pm

    Everyone knows you cannot learn wetplate in 7 seconds – it takes at least 25 seconds!

    I have worked in professional film and analogue photograph for 50 years, three years at college before I started and thousands of hours in the darkroom – but I took a two day course a couple of years ago with John Brewer to learn about wet plate and have been practising ever since.

    I believe it is really essential to learn from a professional in a good workshop – hands on and have them available to look at your mistakes, help by email and comment one-to-one.

    John runs workshopswith me now at our place in the South of France

    If you stay with us I am always working in the darkroom or in my mobile wetplate wagon in the countryside – all are welcome to tag along.


  2. Tony September 7, 2015 / 8:28 am

    I like it Sam. I hope nobody thinks this vid is a substitute for real tuition, but you never know.
    Wet plate workshops / tutorials available as always at


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