Can you be Arrested Under Prevention of Terrorism Act for NOT Taking a Photo?

Sometimes it feels like photographers are fighting an uphill battle against law enforcement. The irony in a member of the police requesting the public to stop taking photographs always baffles me. It’s akin to withholding evidence isn’t it? (Delete the picture and the evidence that was the picture is now gone.) Anyway, case in hand, a grumpy cyclist met a naive pseudo policeman and an argument happened.

Perhaps the tenuity of this particular non-story is the most interesting aspect. In this instance we have three mitigating factors. A cyclist as a passenger in a car, a police vehicle being driven by a citizen or PCSO (UK’s answer to a community police force with no real power) and a photograph that was never actually taken. Continue reading

Lucidcam: Because Granny will Wear a Cardboard Box on her Head to see you in 3D

The latest in what’s becoming an increasingly dull line of products being pushed in the virtual reality headset market is named Lucidcam and apparently people are getting very excited about it. The premise is a nice one; targeting middle-American families allowing an experience not far different from Apple’s Facetime but supposedly in 3D as long as you wear a cardboard box on your head.

Take a look at the fundraising promo video:

One brief look at the market for VR devices and you’ll see why this attempt at crowdfunding is happening now and not later. The Oculus Rift, now famously part Continue reading

This Groom can’t see his Bride-to-be for Guests taking Photos on their Phones

Another day, another wedding photographer having to grapple with the scourge of phone-toting guests filming, snapping and Instagramming everything they’d been hired to do. However Thomas Stewart of Australia has found himself in this situation too many times and as the photograph he took below demonstrates quite clearly, enough is enough.

That’s the groom having to peer around the the guests with phones to see his bride to be walking down the aisle.

Thomas Stewart Wedding Photography Rant

Thomas spent some time yesterday writing a heartfelt rant on his social media page urging guests to leave their phones and cameras Continue reading

Watch an Endearing Photo Shoot take Place on the Moon

One of the main jobs the Apollo astronauts were given was to be photographers. Apart from scientists, pilots and straight up adventurers these men had to learn how to use a camera in Space. The reason being to give a visual exploration of the barren, dusty Lunar surface for the humble Earthlings back home.

Despite having live video feed transmitted back to Houston and broadcast all over the world, the quality was substandard. NASA relied on some specially manufactured Hasselblad film cameras to provide clean, crisp and high resolution photographs to study at a later date. What we’ve rediscovered is some old archive footage of a photo shoot on the Moon taking place.

It is a wonderful moment to watch!

The decent commentary starts at 1:45 during the clip. We’ve transcribed the best bits Continue reading

The Imperfections in Your Medium now will be Treasured when Superseded.

Cutting the imperfections from our final selection is something we as photographers are all familiar with. We’re used to striving for clean, crisp, tack sharp images that can only be bettered by the next model in line. There are some of us though that have begun to embrace those imperfections, even dare I suggest invoke them with the *groan* Instagram filters.

Some wise and sombre words from English musician Brian Eno on struggling to embrace the odd quirks in the current medium at the forefront of technology.


Digital imaging technology is slowly pursuing that line of perfection. New models of cameras are now focussing on areas that only a few photographers require leaving errors either intentional or devastating. A ruined digital file can’t be repaired as easily as a faded print.

Off the top of our Phogotraphy heads the only obvious mainstream digital camera imperfection we can recall over recent years is the purple fringing on the iPhone 5. If you can think of any others that may one day be considered a unique feature, let us know in the comment section or via social media.

Photoshopping Poppy Blunder by UK’s Prime Minister

This is usually a story best left for undisputed king of Photoshop gaffes Kim Jung-un. North Korea’s young dictator often enjoys pseudo-appearances and missing shadows. However now the leader of the UK Conservative party and current serving prime minister can boast of an editing mishap of his own. It’s all a bit poppycock really.


There’s no doubting the clumsy, rushed attempt was an error in judgement Continue reading

15 Photographs from the ISS to Celebrate 15 Years of Continuous Occupation

Today marks 15 years of continuous human habitation onboard the International Space Station. In that time the forty plus crews have amassed a library of over 2.7 million photographs. The Earth bound social media team spent some time scanning through the archive to choose 15 of their favourite pictures taken whilst hurtling around our atmosphere at 27,600km/h.

(June 14, 2012) — Star trail composite created with photos from Expedition 31 with docked Soyuz and Progress spacecrafts visible.

The selection is a truly dazzling array of sights and everything you could wish to expect from Space imagery. All taken within the last four years, there’s an abundance from Continue reading

Nutscapes: A Celebration of the Immaturity of Man

The call for a celebration of males in modern times is as needed as much as a public holiday for white skinned people in the US. Most political offices in the world are held by men, the gender pay gap still favours human beings that lack mammary glands and even forward thinking science communities are still plagued with sexism. But if we were to, say hypothetically, champion what it is like to be male in a sea of feminism and push forth the agenda that being a man is something to be proud of, how would that be achieved?


Men are can be childish. As one myself I can substantiate the claim that despite the ageing process, intention of being a good father and consideration for the future, Continue reading

Take a Second Glance at this Photograph

While casually browsing Quora this weekend I happened across this unusually unremarkable collage of images along with the comment take a second glance at this. I did just that and to my surprise I started to realise I was looking at a single image. A composite of real life objects arranged in such a way to appear as four frames separated by an invisible line.
Look at it again, this is a single photograph!
Bela Borsodi, the Austrian born photographer is the mastermind behind the image. It was created back in 2011 for the experimental electronic jazz artist Susanne Kirchmayr under the name VLP and released as the album cover for their latest work, Terrain.

Continue reading